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Gain personal access to our HSC experts and exam markers in the lead up to the final exams

online focused WORKSHOPS

We help students get their best result. Students Just Like You.

For the last 16 years, our focused workshops have helped tens of thousands of students just like you improve their results in the final exams.

These interactive sessions are acknowledged as the most comprehensive and effective way of preparing for these exams.

With 50% of your HSC mark yet to be decided, we can provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve your potential in these vital exams.

All major subjects are included in the program.

Every workshop is custom made. Workshop Features.

Each subject-specific workshop will allow you to:

Students who work with us achieve an average improvement of 27% from their results in the Trial Exams.

we have you covered! What you get.

We have you covered with everything you need:

we have you covered! What you get.

Each session has been designed to allow you to not only gain valuable insights, but also for you to apply your knowledge & skills to possible HSC questions
  • Session 1 (45mins)

    Analysis of key module content

  • Session 2 (30mins)

    Attempt possible 2020 HSC questions and individual breakout rooms

  • Session 3 (30mins)

    Full walk through of each question, view suggested answers and Q&A 5min break

  • Session 4 (45mins)

    Analysis of key module content

  • Session 5 (30mins)

    Attempt possible 2020 HSC questions and individual breakout rooms

  • Session 6 (30mins)

    Full walk through of each question, view suggested answers and Q&A

Learn from the experts. Our Teachers.

The secret of our workshop success lies in the expertise, experience and passion of our teachers. Here is a sample of who you will have a chance to work with to get the marks you want:


Not at all! It’s important to remember that 50% of your final result will be from this last exam. Additionally, your school, or internal, mark will be moderated (positively or negatively) by your performance in this final exam. Every mark in this exam is vital, so the more you can do, the better.

All workshops are held online due to COVID this year.  

All of the major subjects! Please see below a list for each Key Learning Area (KLA):

English – Advanced and Standard

Mathematics – Standard 2, Advanced, Extension 1

Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics

HSIE – Ancient History, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Legal Studies & Modern History


Studies of Religion – 1 & 2 unit 

Visual Arts

The presenters will be covering content specific to each subject’s current (2020) syllabus. If the new syllabus components are relevant to potential examination questions, they will be covered.

The workshops are focused on examination techniques and strategies. Hence, they are not focused on specific texts but rather how any text should be applied to exam-style questions in order to maximise marks. 

Across the day, presenters will make reference to the most popular texts as examples to demonstrate their knowledge, but this will be applicable to all texts.

If you would like, you can ask your presenter about your specific texts throughout the day.

Our workshops are the only opportunity you have to sit with our team of senior teachers and exam markers for a full day before the exams. The expertise of our presenters specifically about the HSC examination process is second to none. 

While other programs can offer subject knowledge, at this stage of the HSC preparation there is no better program to prepare for exams than with us.

Access includes a comprehensive work booklet for the day, which includes questions, summaries, notes and exemplar answers including and beyond those that your presenter will go through on the day.

Our July Trial Preparation Lectures were three hour sessions based on preparing students for the most commonly asked question types in trials/HSC exams. As lectures, these sessions provided little opportunity for students to interact with our presenters. 


The workshops are personalised sessions based on thorough revision of syllabus content prior to exams and practicing exam-style questions with personal feedback. In an intimate online classroom of 20 students, you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions to our expert teachers as you wish.

These online workshops have proven to be the most successful/effective way to boost your HSC & ATAR

The "we know you'll love it" Guarantee

We are so confident that you will receive benefit from attending these workshops, we offer a full money-back guarantee.


If you actively participate in all activities and don’t feel that what is covered will help you improve your results, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee

Learn more, pay less Prices

# Of WorkshopsPriceSaving
1 Workshop$70-
2 Workshops$135Save $5
3 Workshops$195Save $15
4 Workshops$250Save $30
5 Workshops$300Save $50
6 Workshops$350Save $70
7 Workshops$400Save $90
8 Workshops$450Save $110
9 Workshops$500Save $130
10 Workshops$550Save $150

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