Healthy Study Snacks: easy to prep, easier to eat

Hands up who else snacks on junk food during exam periods? (If your hand isn’t up, you’re lying!) We know...

Hands up who else snacks on junk food during exam periods?

(If your hand isn’t up, you’re lying!)

We know its bad and we know it isn’t going to make us feel better…but we still do it. We look at that packet of M&Ms or Honey Soy Chicken chips and think ‘hell yes’. And while our sugar high keeps us going for a little bit, we always crash afterwards – burned out and exhausted.

But never fear, HSC in the Holidays is here… with your guide to some of the tastiest snack foods that won’t make you feel guilty afterwards!


Popcorn is a great alternative for chips. You can mix it up in some paprika, salt, even siracha, whatever fancies you. It’s cheap, easy and a lot better for you than those greasy potato chips we all know gorge ourselves on.


Nuts are a quick and easy option for some healthy fats and proteins! With so many varieties and health benefits, they’re a no-brainer as a snack food. Try a handful of tamari almonds when you’re feeling peckish.


As the old saying says, an apple day keeps the doctor away! Fruit is a great, easy and versatile with there’s endless options on how to have it…frozen, chopped, blended…it’s the foolproof snack that you can eat essentially anywhere. Go for a piece of fresh fruit before you reach for that Mars Bar and you’ll feel much better afterwards!

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt has been touted a superfood in recent years as it is jam packed with nutrients and good gut bacteria. It makes the perfect snack food as it’s easy to eat, requires no prep time and can be changed up with fruit or muesli for some variety.

Carrots/Celery with Hummus

The age old snack of carrots and celery with dip hasn’t gone out of style yet! With virtually no prep time, it’s a great snack for studying at home. Plus, hummus is a great choice to get your good fats and protein in whilst being tasty as a tasty snack thing.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is still the quintessential drink for most Australians to wake them up and refresh them in the morning. So why not replace your caffeine with it? Choose orange juice with pulp to get a decent dose of vitamins C and A, and make sure your orange juice hasn’t got bucketloads of sugar in it!


Scrambled, hard boiled, poached or even fried, eggs are your best friend for some protein and can be so quick to make and so easy to play around with to make it tasty! Chuck them on a plate with some spinach, avo and feta, and you’ve got yourself a cafe-style breakfast full of the good stuff.

Protein Balls

If you’ve got a spare half hour, make your own protein balls with coconut oil, cocoa, crushed nuts and desiccated coconut – you can keep them in the fridge for at least a week, and so they’re a fantastic option if you’ve got time to spare on a Sunday evening and want that immediate snack during the week.

Apple + Nut Butter

It might sound weird, but this is a yummy combo. Just chuck on a scoop of peanut butter (or alternative) onto your apple slice and voila, a healthy snack! The nut butter will keep you full while the apple gives you that fructose hit without the bad sugar high.


So there you have it! A few alternatives to the typical lollies, chips and energy drinks.

Happy studying!