Simulated HSC Trial Exams – July Holidays

Simulated HSC Trial Exams - July Holidays

Sit practice exams and receive personalised feedback before your Trials

For students preparing for their HSC Trial exams, a series of mock exams will be run in the July holidays.

Students can either complete these on campus at Macquarie University in a fully supervised environment OR access and complete the papers via our student portal (print, handwrite and scan/post to submit) anytime from Monday 8th July – Friday 12th July. Exam results and feedback will be provided by Friday 26th July (or earlier). This will give students between 2-4 weeks to review these results and make necessary adjustments.

For students who choose to complete these exams at home, papers will be available on Monday 8th July and responses are to be submitted by Friday 12th July. Exams can be done anytime during this week.

All of these exams have been written by highly experienced HSC teachers, and importantly will assess new syllabus materials.  All exams will be marked by our expert teachers and marking guidelines, exemplar responses and results will be provided.

With the Trial exams contributing between 30-40% of your internal mark, and the finals worth 50% of your total HSC result, this is best way to prepare for these major exams!

What you will gain

  • A chance to practice exams under specific conditions.
  • Personalised feedback on your responses – advice on areas to focus on prior to the trials/finals.
  • Exemplar responses and/or detailed solutions to questions you may see in your Trial or Final exams.

Subjects offered

  • English (2 hours) – Paper 1: Texts and Human Experiences (Advanced & Standard), Paper 2: English Advanced, Paper 2: English Standard
  • Mathematics (3 hours) – Mathematics Standard, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 (2 hours only)
  • Science (3 hours) – Biology, Chemistry & Physics
  • Business Studies

Timetable, Registration & Costs

Depending on exam size, prices range from $35-$50. Click on each subject below to read more and to register.

See Online trial Exams


Where will the questions be coming from? Can’t I just find these myself?

While NESA does provide sample questions/answers, the questions and answers for each of these exams are written by our teachers who have had multiple years of HSC marking experience and are currently teaching the new syllabus. These questions are unique and are not available anywhere else. Please click here to view our list of teachers who are writing these questions and answers/solutions.

What sort of feedback will I expect to receive on my responses?

In addition to a mark being provided, you will also receive comments on areas of the exam you performed particularly well and advice on improvement.  Additionally, you will receive mark criteria and exemplar responses/solutions to all questions. Depending on the subject, the amount of feedback will vary. For example, responses in English will be more detailed than in Mathematics: thus the reason for the cost variation.

Who will be providing the feedback on my papers?

Teachers with multiple years of HSC marking experience will be providing feedback. Please click here to view our list of teachers.

How close will these questions be to my Trial and Final exam?

While we don’t know what the questions in the NESA exam (and your school’s Trial papers) will be, all questions will be written based on what we expect to see in future exams. Advice provided by NESA, including sample/specimen questions will be used for us to formulate these questions. Therefore, you may see similar questions in your Trials/Finals, but we cannot guarantee that these questions will be asked again.

What if I am already performing really well/struggling with a particular subject. How will these exams benefit me?

The difficulty with the 2019 HSC exams, particularly for English, Mathematics Standard and the Sciences (among others) is that this content has not yet been assessed with a common exam. Therefore, no matter your current level of achievement, access to the help that these provide is vital. For higher achieving students, it’s a chance to refine and pick up a few more marks. For students who have not performed well in their previous tasks, it’s the chance to find out where the gaps are. There is no better way than preparing for the major exams than by simulating the real thing!

Is there benefit in participating in the HSC Live Lectures as well as these simulated exams?

Definitely! Our lectures are designed to cover vital course content, provide advice on how to approach types of questions and to view exemplar responses. You definitely need to increase your knowledge across each subject. These simulated exams give you a chance to put this into action!

What if I haven’t yet covered all of the topics for this exam?

It’s still a valuable experience to sit for these exams as you should have covered 90-100% of the content by this time.  For questions from the syllabus you have not yet covered, you will still receive exemplar responses to use later.

If I choose to complete exam/s online, how do I access the exam papers?

Closer to the 8th July, you will be directed to our student portal where you will be able to download the exam papers. This portal will also contain all other information and will be where we publish your results.

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