2019 HSC Revision Pack – Schools

2019 HSC School Revision Packs

Quality HSC Resources proven to boost student results

For students preparing for their HSC Final Exams in October 2019

A series of HSC resources are now available for schools to access in the lead-up to the final exams.  There are 9 subjects available to purchase.

Written and delivered by expert HSC teachers and markers across the major HSC subjects, these tools will enable students to revise using all up-to-date questions and advice from leading HSC Teachers.  Specifically, these resources have been designed to allow students to:

  • Improve their knowledge and understanding of key syllabus concepts.
  • Access hundreds of questions, all with marking criteria and suggested/exemplar responses
  • Understand how to construct high range HSC responses (and what markers are looking for)

There are three types of resources that are available:

HSC Practice Examinations ($15/student)

  • All written by Senior HSC Markers to reflect 2019 syllabus content
  • Marking criteria, suggested answers/worked solutions and exemplar responses included
  • Can be split into modules for topic tests if required (Sciences, Business Studies & PDHPE)

HSC Sample Exam Questions

HSC4Me Study App Access ($8/student)

  • All-in-one study app available on any devices (website and/or app)
  • Hundreds of interactive practice questions for each subject, all with detailed solutions
  • Over 20+ short videos, study notes and exemplar responses to some questions included

HSC4Me Sample Subject

July HSC Lecture Recordings ($15/student)

  • Conducted in July 2019 at UTS, all content delivered is current and up-to-date
  • Presented by HSC teachers who have over 15+ years as experienced HSC markers
  • 4-6 hours of lectures per subject, split into core/module areas

Sample Video

Bundle of all resources ($25/student)

  • All three resources available in one bundle.

The minimum number of students for any of these options is 5.

Please see below information about each of the subjects on offer.

English - Advanced & Standard

  • Writers/Presenters – Andrew Magee (Oakhill College), Jessica Schadel (Epping Boys High School), Brad Moar (Barker College)
  • Practice Examinations – All include questions, marking criteria and exemplar responses
    • Paper 1 – 1.5 hour exam paper
    • Paper 2 – 2 hour exam paper
  • HSC4Me Study App – 
    • 130+ questions from unseen texts &
    • Some exemplar responses from major texts (more to come ASAP)
  • Lecture Recordings – 6 hours of video
    • Texts & Human Experiences – 2 hours
    • Module A & B – 2 hours
    • Module C – 2 hours

Mathematics - Mathematics & Standard 2

  • Writers/Presenters – Chris Turner (Caringbah Selective High School), Magdy Habib (St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill), Suzanne Berry (Chifley College)
  • Practice Examinations – All include fully worked solutions
    • Mathematics – 3 hour exam
    • Mathematics Standard 2 – 2.5 hour exam
  • HSC4Me Study App – 
    • Mathematics – 300+ practice questions
    • Mathematics Standard 2 – 600+ practice questions
  • Lecture Recordings – 4 hours of video each for both levels of Mathematics

Science - Biology, Chemistry & Physics

  • Writers/Presenters
    • Biology – Nikki McDonald (Kambala School), Megan Pollard (Turramurra High School), Anne Galvin (Turramurra High School)
    • Chemistry – Jackie Horsham (Wenona School), Patricia Stockbridge (University of Sydney)
    • Physics – Matthew Avery (Great Lakes College), Paul Looyen (Macarthur Anglican College)
  • Practice Examinations – All 3 hour exam papers include questions, marking criteria and exemplar responses
  • HSC4Me Study App – 
    • Biology – 150+ practice questions, study notes & videos
    • Chemistry – 100+ practice questions, study notes & videos
    • Physics – 350+ practice questions, study notes & videos
  • Lecture Recordings – 4 hours of video for each subject

Business Studies & PDHPE

  • Writers/Presenters
    • Business Studies – Len Nixon (Barker College), Rosalinda Gallina (Cerdon College)
    • PDHPE – Shane Hardcastle (Former Coordinating Senior Marker)
  • Practice Examinations –  3 hour exam papers, including questions, marking criteria and suggested answers
  • HSC4Me Study App  
    • Business Studies – 200+ practice questions, study notes & videos
    • PDHPE –  400+ practice questions, study notes & videos
  • Lecture Recordings – 
    • Business Studies – All 4 core topics
    • PDHPE – Core 1, Core 2, Sports Medicine & Improving Performance

School Booking Form

Download the school booking form


Why is this being priced per student (rather than a site licence)?

We want to ensure that smaller cohorts have a chance to access these resources, so a price per student is much more equitable.  If you have a larger group of students, please contact us and we will attempt to accomodate your needs.

How long will schools have to access the resources?

All 3 resources will be available until the end of the examination period (Friday 5th November).

Who has written/presented these materials?

Teachers with multiple years of HSC marking experience have written and presented these materials.  Please click here to view our list of teachers.

Can I just choose one of these resources to purchase?

You are welcome to access only one of the options available, or the bundle as a whole. All of the resources are not available to purchase as a one-off (e.g. A single exam), however.

Can I view samples from my specific subject?

Definitely! Just contact us and we will send across samples for any specific subject you are interested in.

How will I receive these resources?

Examinations – All exams will be sent as a PDF as soon as you submit the booking form.

HSC4ME App – A coupon code will be provided to each student via email that they can use to access the resources on the app (the app can be downloaded on the various app stores).

Lecture Recordings – A video link will be provided to you as soon as you submit the booking form.

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For more information or if you have any questions. Please contact us:

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