2015 Results

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What was the best thing about these workshops?

The techniques covered in these workshops has helped make study time so efficient and effective, and my confidence has grown so much as a result of these lectures. The health lecture and the legal lectures were fantastic, and I think attending each of these will have such a positive impact on my exam!! πŸ™‚ The small class sizes in most of my lectures had a great impact on what was taken from the courses, as it allowed the information to be shared in a personal and detailed manner.

I think not only do these workshops prepare us for the HSC but it also gives us some preparation for university, being given the freedom to leave the classes whenever we wants, not having a group of friends and having to walk up to strangers and introduce yourself. For me it has given me more confidence that I will be okay at university and has motivated me to get the marks to get into university.

I attended both the PDHPE and the Advanced English lectures, both lecturers were clearly highly knowledgeable and therefore were extremely helpful, they both passed on tips not only in remembering the content specific to the subject but useful tips for answering questions which are able to be implemented in other subjects. Both lectures covered all topics or modules which as highly beneficial and by completing practice questions within the day, gained valuable feedback.

The best thing is to clarify things that is uncertain for the exam, the presenter assist students to score full marks when answer the question and allow me to think more deeply from a marker’s perspective.

The lecturers were passionate about what they taught and made the workshops entertaining and interesting.

The presenter was very good. He knew all the content intimately and was passionate about the subject.

The tutor provided us with special resources that were extremely helpful.

One on one element- ability to ask teachers about anything. Time in recess and lunch to clarify personally with teacher any questions. Workbooks and presentations (interactive and helpful).

The ability to get feedback while doing questions for maths I found working a smaller group was a better way to learn

The best things were that I was able to understand the content in a more thorough way. Also, practicing past HSC questions during the classes allows me to gather more knowledge about how the questions should be answered. Also I made new friends from different schools
I loved that apart from learning actual content, we also got to learn exam skills and what the markers are looking for.

The amount of preparation and resources that was provided for us and the amount of extra help available, ie looking at essays, responses to questions, etc
Gave me the opportunity to ask specific questions on my topics and gave me confidence leading into the exams.

Going over all the content to ensure that I haven’t forgotten to study any of it. It was a good refresher, especially of older work
small groups, enabled questions and answers, expert teachers in most of my subjects attended.

Going through content and some questions were helpful
Best thing is being able to go through exam style questions and the teacher telling us how they expect the answers to be written and the dos and donts
Learning how to answer typical hsc extended response exam questions.

Exam question techniques

The small groups allowed the teachers to individually address each persons weaknesses and how to improve.

The fact that it was a whole day to focus on one subject is good, its much more time efficient in my point of view to go over the entire course in one day (with breaks of course) rather than have it spread over a few days where students would waste time on travel etc
teachers were very experienced and knew what they were teaching well

Hearing a first hand account of all the nitty gritty detail from the presenters about what goes on in the marking centre
getting an in depth overview of the entire topic again.

The best thing was having someone teaching you who could answer any questions the best way they could and was always there to help you with anything you needed. Another great thing was having a small group of people so the workshop was very interactive and everyone got a chance to answer questions and get one on one help. Another great thing was how the teacher managed to cover absolutely everything in the syllabuses and gave us exam style questions along the way for us to answer and learn exam writing styles.

english advanced – they taught me things I hadn’t heard before! I was worried it would be the same old stuff but I honestly learnt so much in terms of the exam. it was so helpful and I feel like so many things just fell into place

The workshop is a great revision tool in allowing us to prioritize in our studies, allowing us to know the depth of the content and also the key things we need to know for the HSC.

To be given explanations in areas that I hadn’t understood well before. Listening to other people’s questions.

The exam techniques that were taught were valuable and have given me great confidence in the lead up to the exams

Learning from an amazing HSC marker about what to do in exams to maximize your marks and also, going over harder topics.

The experience of the teachers

The solid seven hours of study achieved at each workshop was a great way to cover all the course content and make sure all points were covered. The enthusiasm of the lecturers was encouraging and it was a positive space in which to revise and learn specific exam skills. The accessible location where the workshops were held was an asset allowing for short travelling time and an insight into university life for next year.

It varied from lecturer and specific subjects.
Probably going through the syllabus dot points and what markers wanted.

I loved how we could all work togerber, rather than listening to a lecture for the whole entire day

Learning off the best teachers definitely developed my understanding and made me feel more confident about the subject and all my exams in general.

Learning tips on answering and what the markers are looking for.

Overall review

Reviewing the course as a whole – including options, to give an overview.

Being able to know exactly what the markers expect

Going over the course and what to expect in exams, especially at this time when the exams are coming up. It also allowed me to refresh my memory of the content.

The work shop was very informative. I attended the biology workshop, there I was able to gain a better understanding of the core topics. Furthermore, I learnt what I should and should not do in the exam, which was very useful

it allowed me to realise the key areas that i DON’T know and therefore need to touch up on for the exam

The experience of the teacher and his ability to explain things thoroughly and clearly

Since I did Biology, in the workshop we were given strategies of how to not only study but to also breakdown the questions. these strategies have helped me in the lead up to my exam.

Teacher is a senior marker.

the information I received was given by a hsc marker so I knew that the information was valid. discussed the best ways to answer questions and did numerous essay plans which were particularly helpful for my future study.

Probably the length. It was much easier to cover a lot of material when it wasn’t broken up into one hour periods, like at school.

The presenter has good experience and work book is valuable.

Revising key topics helped my find out what I needed to revise.

In in depth teaching. Individual help.

They allowed me to look at the content i was missing and learn it.

The depth of course content covered and the ease of understanding it was the best thing about these workshops.

Resources provided.

Having great Workshops!

It covered the areas that they thought would be in the exam and told me what to focus more on and less on.

Reviewing the whole course using diagrams etc. asking questions to the presenters

The way the presenters communicated information was very helpful and gave me confidence to face my weaker areas in the subject. Also, now I have come to know how to answer questions for the HSC exam as it should be answered and improve my marks. It has been very helpful and informative. Thank you.

Going over all the topics and pinpointing all the weak areas of the coarse, this gave me a great idea towards what I needed to pay attention to during study.

Direct help with answering questions, Key concepts, Ability for one-on-one help with small groups, Great teacher

The teacher was good, he put effort and clear explanation into each section and each text.

The work books were easy to followed and structured clearly which was great.

You often don’t go through the actual skills of answering questions in class, just the content. The modern course went through the important misconceptions about content, but mainly just the transforming of content into argument that is so crucial for accessing the higher bands!

They explained some areas of the course/s that are predicted to be in the upcoming exams

teacher explaining how to answer questions

The best thing would be the relaxed environment and how the workshop compacted an entire syllabus into one day

The presenters covered all content throughly in the short time they had and answered any questions that arose.

The religion workshop – examples used were easy to relate to
The history workshop – the short answer section was helpful

They provided better methods into preparing for the HSC and the lecturer was very engaging and helpful in terms of giving us tips on how to gain a higher mark.

I believe the skills and knowledge brought along by the lecturers highly enhances the day and what people can take from the day. They themselves interact and ask questions of us making sure we made the most of the day as well.

I found particularly in my religion day with a small class that we all got to cover our own particular people and practices in depth allowing for me to feel more confident about what I had learnt and class and what I needed to continue to go over.

They build confidence and provide resources which are so valuable. My physics lecturer sent us extra resources as well via email which have helped me.

It is certainly longer than a class day, but the quick overview of the syllabus identifies working areas and gives all a chance to clarify knowledge which significantly helped me in particular!
Going through essay plans
The best thing is to clarify things that is uncertain for the exam, the presenter assist students to score full marks when answer the question and allow me to think more deeply from a marker’s perspective.

The workbooks! The economics essays and business case studies that were given to us in the workbooks were so useful and allowed me to grasp concepts I hadn’t as yet understood. Thank you!

The small class size and the amount of time I spent studying which I wouldn’t be able to do by myself at home πŸ™‚

These workshops were made up of a smaller number of year 12 students, unlike the seminars which I attended in the July school holidays. The teachers that I had for adv English and biology were very knowledgeable and made us all work through things together, stopped when anyone needed extra attention and with the English they covered all our own novels, which was awesome. Although it was costly for my parents, I loved them for giving me this time to expand my knowledge, and now when all my school friends are still ‘socializing’ even to this day, I have my head down and bum on seat going over and over my subjects. The workshops have also more importantly taught me how important my hsc exams are over socializing, andi feel quite good in knowing that I’m doing everything in my power to achieve an atar in the 90’s. Thanks you so much for running these workshops, mum says a penny very very well spent.

Essay writing tips.

I found the Biology and Advanced English lectures particularly beneficial as they explained certain ideas and topics rather than just giving us the information. The workbooks were highly beneficial as they explained an idea then gave examples of questions that you needed the knowledge for; which helped me a lot. I also felt that going through past HSC questions as a group was beneficial as it helped me see what i did and didnt know.

Interacting with the teachers that were experts in there area. Many of the lecturers encouraged us to email them extended responses and gave us feedback which helped me emencelly.

The smaller classes made it easier to learn


Small classes, friendly and knowledgable teachers

Great HSC Exam prep- needed this badly!

Some classes like chemistry and physics were helpful

The best thing about these workshops was covering difficult aspects of the course content and learning strategies for completing the exams.

tips from exam markers

Having the booklet to write in and help re-inforce ideas and techniques about specific modules to develop a better understanding of what is needed in the exams.

Being able to revise major concepts within the select courses I attended with new perspectives and ideas. Case in point being Modern History, whereby discussion and the notes given highlighted new areas of argument for essays and so forth.

The vast extent of knowledge from the experienced teachers allowed me gain more insight into the HSC in terms of types of questions asked, how to approach each types of questions. The booklets were so helpful too!

Explanation of the exam, how it’s marked, basic outline of the legal studies course content

I found that in most of the workshops the teachers were very good as well as the way that they set out the day. The topics they went over were excellent especially for PDHPE as we went through as much detail about the Core topics as possible. Overall they were very good workshops and I feel better prepared to sit my exams now.

Group input, feed back from teachers and exams techniques.

– The teachers were very helpful and willing to help you individually which was good- as you could ask specific questions related to your text (English).

– Provided us with a variety of good tips in which enables us to get ahead from the rest of the people doing their exams.

– Each session showed us how to answer past papers the right way- to get full marks.

They cover all areas and possibilities for the hsc exam. Leaving me feel confident and ready for the exam.

I now know exactly where the holes are in my knowledge of the syllabi and really added a new focus to my study by seeing how other schools taught concepts. The workbooks are really going to help me in studying. All my teachers were very enthusiastic about teaching during their holidays, and they were all very flexible if people had to go early or whatever

Chemistry, the tutor was prepared, thorough and answered questions effectively. His use of the two presentation meda was particularly effective – I learned lots.

That i was taught by expert hsc markers who know what is expected at hsc level.

The fact that the lectures were all highly qualified and were able to assist in providing a better understanding of the content and it also helped in practicing responses and getting feedback

Being able to ask examiners questions and get a clear idea of exactly what the markers are looking for

In the Maths Workshop the Interactive environment between teachetr and students.

The presenters put a whole new perspective on some of the subjects I do. The explanations on how to go about answering specific exam style questions were invaluable.

The 3 lecturers I worked with were really caring and helpful

Exam technique and specific difficult areas were targeted

The presenters were pretty good, especially Adrian for PDH

The studies of religion workshop was very useful as the teacher used helpful examples that enabled me to remember facts from another perspective.

Good content and course revision.

The Chemistry workshop was excellent. The teacher was very knowledgeable and able to effectively express HSC tips and advice.
The Physics workshop was also good – but the teacher, although very knowledgeable, did not communicate quite as well as the Chemistry. One on one questions with Physics and Chem were incredibly helpful.

The interaction between teacher and student, within reasonably small class sizes.

the teacher and the workbooks. they really went over key areas that were just ‘washed over’ in school

Gaining tips about specific parts of the exam especially for English and history

The intensive nature of the workshops. Having an entire day to work through content in a small group really aided my understanding and helped my confidence in preparing for the HSC.

Some useful hints learnt during classes

The best thing was the extra attention placed on how to approach the exams rather than just covering course content

Definitely learning how to maximise your marks. I learnt much more about what students in previous years have done wrong- losing them valuable marks. It was often things that I also would have overlooked (because i think that it is implied by my answers), if I did not come to the workshop.

The teachers for religion and modern were absolutely amazing they helped me so much, I feel like I learnt more in the 8 hours than I did in the year

These workshops were amazing. Best part of them were the teachers overview in the subjects. Especially English where I learn new exam techniques and how to approach the question without fear of creating mistakes.

The helpful hints regarding the content that were provided. This includes the simple steps that can easily increase our marks.

The biology one was quite interactive and allowed us to find the gaps in our knowledge without just going through the syllabus like a checklist so I found it quite fun and it didn’t seem too long.

I feel that the effectiveness is probably tied to the teacher conducting the workshop. In any case, for me it was the ability to interact with the teacher in order to address specific issues.

The Modern History day with Bruce Dennett was incredibly helpful! Has definitely made me feel more confident leading up to the exam! Going through tips and what to/what not to do in the exams was very helpful also!
The general mathematics course was also very helpful and has explained some areas i didnt understand!
Overall it was a great course!

The teachers spoke to you as if you were the only person int he room, and could answer any student specific queries
small classes in 2 of 3 courses I went to.
2 out of the 3 teachers were great in answering my specific questions and their willingness to offer advice was also very good.

The notes that were given to us were really great for studying and the lecturers really helped to make the HSC feel a little less daunting.
It was also great to see students from a variety of different environments, because it helped me to understand that there are stacks of other kids in the same boat as me.

The size of the workshops allowed us to be more interactive with the presenters, as well as being able to clear her loudly and clear.

Learning with other people, gaining new insights and being able to ask questions

Group work and discussion

I loved the opportunity to participate in a class that was so small and taught by a senior marker. It wasn’t like other lectures in that we weren’t as pushed for time to go through all the course content, by rather, topics we found more challenging. The teacher was also great in pacing out each section of the workshop so that it did not get tedious, and our minds could focus on answering the questions.

We were able to work on our language within the exam essays, something that is sometimes over looked.

Working through all core topics in great detail for Biology and Chemistry, learning skills specific to the exams, meeting other people and working with them to better our understanding of each subject.

That the teachers were knowledgeable and up-to-date with current HSC marking criteria. Full day format suits the program delivery.
Everything actually
Helped review the course in a concise way.

It was good to go through various areas of the exams and being told hoe to get maximum marks in the different questions. The World War I section was the best because we were able to go through the content as well as how it applied to the questions.

The teachers that took each workshop were easy to understand and they made it interesting. The best thing was having only small groups of people in each study day because it meant that you could get more one on one time with the teacher and get your questions answered.

Finding out areas where i need to work a little more, and help with answering questions.

I was able to interact with people from different schools who did the same English texts that my school did. This allowed us to share our ideas easily and learn different things from each other.

the booklet

Low class numbers
Individual attention that we can get if we’re not getting anything

The presenters are very helpful and willing to answer questions.

They enabled me to realise some of the things I need to review and helped me to find related texts (Standard English).

Specific and key techniques given for the HSC exam.

tips and advices

The advice that we were given about how to maximise points, usually when teachers talk about how to maximise points all the tips sound the same but at these workshops I heard different tips and these tips were also very subject specific.

Clear presentation

They allowed a solid 6-7 hours of study/revision with people that knew their work well; presenters and students.

Extensive assistance with subject specific exam technique.

They gave me the chance to learn from another teacher, who was able to clarify some of the concepts that I my teacher did not go through in detail.

I was able to learn from another teacher who was able to clarify some of the concepts which my teacher did not teach in detail at school.
I learnt about some things which I did not realise I did not know, and it was a good revision session which allowed me also to see how familiar students from other schools were with the syllabus content.

Interactive Teaching methods were helpful and very thorough. Also small class sizes made the classes more effective.

we were able to clarify any misunderstandings on topics and skills
be able to get 1 on 1 consulting during breaks

Meeting others who were just as nervous about their exams

Bruce Dennett … he knows everything!

Covered a vast majority of each subjects course in one day

In an overall view of my attendance to the business workshop the best thing was that our lecturer knew his work almost back to front and he did not have to stop continuously to read his notes. Also, the most valuable resource that I walked away from the lecture will benefit me in all my exams and that is know your sylambus and have now done this for all my subjects and it really helps.
The best thing about the workshops were the knowledge of the lecturers leading it, and although it was in a presentation/lecture format, the lecturer would personally attend to induvidual students diligently.

The teachers were direct and to the point about what information was required and how to answer certain exam questions

Practicing the questions.
Getting immediate feedback.
Small classes

Unpacking of the rubric to guide thesis statements and allow more direct essays broad enough to cover most possible questions

Adapting concepts to the question

Band 6 responses to compare own work to

The ease of talking to the teachers, I found that they were incredibly helpful, and very willing to help at breaks and lunches etc, which was very useful for me πŸ™‚

– Concentrating on the one subject, with expert teachers who are willing to help. The workbooks are amazing also!

The teacher catered to everyone’s needs and focused on exam format and techniques really well. We worked in small groups for our option topics which worked really well in gaining new ideas and communication. The teacher was also extremely knowledgeable!

It was really productive and helpful as you could ask for extra revision and the questions you were having difficulty with.

The Modern History work shop. Bruce Dennett was great and knew what he was talking about.

The Maths day allowed me to work by myself and still ask questions. He taught me a different way to the way and I was taught which helped me understand some content

Sharing ideas with students from other schools

the set out of the general maths course was good as it went back over all the syllabus points and included preliminary topics which may have been overlooked. The use of information sheets then activities was good as it allowed the student to participate.

The interaction between the teacher/lecturer of the workshop
The workshops covered most/all of the content which was very helpful as it allowed me to revise areas that were covered earlier in year 12 and also helped to clarify more difficult areas.
The presenters were very helpful in answering every question.

Excellent revision opportunity and chance to ask questions

the modern history lecturer (and most lectures) were brilliant, insightful and knew heaps!


Having a chance to check you remember and understand all the content so you know exactly where to focus your attention in studying for HSC.

Meeting new people, opened my eyes to the upcoming exams since we were in holiday mode as well as the booklets.

Hsc in the holidays really helped me become more confident in the days leading up to the exams!

thank you was a positive experience

I was not looking forward to the workshop but when i got there it was not like i expected, i met some great people and learnt a lot. I defiantly think that this workshop has shown me how to study effectively and will help increase my marks! Keep these workshops going for future years and i will defiantly recommend them!

Thank you for boosting my HSC marks

I get the opportunity from my school, so it is a really good day to be there and learn some skills to target hsc. Thanks.

It was a very helpful program! And it built my confidence up! πŸ™‚

Good to hold these lectures at these venues as it gives the students a taste of life at these universities.
Also is a central place to get to and from.

The workshops were also a good chance for insight into the university life and campus.
I appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into these lectures and thank each and everyone of the teachers for giving up their holidays to allow HSC students, like me, to benefit for these exams and in life πŸ™‚

This was an experience well worth the cost and time. At first I believed we wouldn’t learn anything new and just go over previous content. However after going to the lectures I realised new techniques and exam tricks which will be extremely helpful in my aspirations of getting a high atar.

It was a very nice Campus and everyone was very accommodating.

Just a thank you for providing the workshops.

Thanks so much to the presenters for their time, I would happily do these workshops again, and would definitely recommend them to people who are looking into them.

All my family have been to these courses. They are great. I got my friend to attend with me. Thank you

Great day, well worth the time and highly recommended. Will raise my results for sure!

I am so glad that I participated in this.

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