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  • "I really loved having the resources and study notes available - at the start of the course they were so useful when I needed to get a better understanding of the material, then later on they were able to help me work out how to cut down copious notes! The resources were definitely something I'd recommend and they were very useful for studying."
  • "The HSC in the Holidays Program was exemplary in providing me with information, learning techniques and notes that enabled me to enhance my understanding of the content that I needed to know for the HSC and hence provide me with a foundation to go forth and obtain the highest possible ATAR I could achieve.”
    Zachary | Good Samaritan Catholic College | ATAR: 94.60
  • "The program enabled me to enhance my studies by providing me with extra skills and resources that allowed me to have an deeper understanding of the concepts I was learning about. Through this, I was able to have an upper hand over my peers because they showed me the expected requirements and ways in which I needed to achieve a Band 6. The program is what obtained by result and I would strongly encourage students to participate in this program."
    Victoria | Marist Sisters College, Woolwich | ATAR: 90.10
  • “I attended the HSC in the Holidays workshops during the holidays prior to my Trial exams, at this time I was lacking confidence and needed to improve my internal ranks.  I found the workshops very useful for consolidating my knowledge, providing structure for responses, and also for allowing me to identify the syllabus points which I had weaknesses in.”
    Sahil | Canberra Grammar School | ATAR: 98.25
  • "I really enjoyed the program - the revision lectures were really engaging and covered the content in concise detail.  I also found the printed revision guides extremely helpful throughout my studying process.  As well as gaining more knowledge on each subject, I also greatly appreciated the useful study tips and tricks from the lecturers that school teachers hadn't told us. These revisions definitely helped me achieve the ATAR I got. Thank you."
    Oceane | Freshwater Senior Campus (Northern Beaches) | ATAR: 94.95
  • " I believe HSC in the Holidays made a huge difference in my Advanced English and Business Studies mark because the teachers were extremely helpful in providing knowledge of what we should look out for in the exams and providing examples of previous questions and how to answer them effectively.”
    Sarah | McKillop Senior College | ATAR: 92.00
  • "I can confidently say that this program made a notable difference in my HSC mark. The lecture material, the personalised environment, and the highly qualified lecturers combined allowed me to develop a much more holistic appreciation of the topics at hand. The program was especially good at focusing on key target areas that were hurting my marks, and improving them substantially through one-on-one help and relevant resources.  The opportunity to learn in a fresh environment from the perspective of a different teacher was invaluable, in that it allowed me to develop a new way of looking at choice issues and consequently resulted in a much more complex and sophisticated understanding of all of the topics at hand.  The information I received from HSC in the Holidays was vital in allowing me to improve my essays and exam performance to the standard of top mark, and I would highly recommend this program to any student looking to push their marks into the highest possible band."
    Jennifer | NSBC McKellar Campus | ATAR: 99.25
  • " I found that participating in the lectures and workshop gave me access to well-presented tips and information that aided my studies, and provided a suitably interactive environment.  I believe that the experienced advice presented made a positive impact on my mark.”
    James | Newington College | ATAR: 94.15
  • "It was a great help with lecturers with a plethora of knowledge and understanding of course syllabuses. It was a great aid in assisting with my HSC success!“
    Kristian | St Aloysius College | ATAR: 93.90
  • I found having a senior HSC marker to run the lecture was a massive help.  He knew the areas to focus on in the course and pointed out the things students normally find difficult or get marked wrong - making us aware and preventing us from doing the same thing.  He was also able to give us hints as to how to maximise our marks.  On the day the lecturer went through difficult past HSC questions, focussing on longer response questions (6-8 marks) and explained how we can access all these marks in our answers. I found many of the questions we looked at I couldn’t originally complete or interpret on my own.  However, after the lecture, I was much more confident with attempting these difficult questions as I had a new structure to follow.   I also loved how the day didn’t focus on refreshing ourselves on theory (which we could do at home) but rather on explaining the harder concepts that we were struggling with and adapting/learning how to explain these in our answers to achieve maximum marks.   A good chemistry mark is crucial to a good ATAR and hence this day hugely aided to my successful outcome with the HSC.”
    Breanna| Danebank Anglican School For Girls | ATAR: 97.95
  • " I found it extremely useful as it ensured that I was not only on the right track in terms of preparing for the HSC but also gave me inside tips from an experienced HSC marker who clearly explained the difference expectations from markers for each category of the exam and also provided feedback on some work I wrote during the lesson itself.   I found that my marks significantly improved between my trials and the actual HSC because of this.”
    Deeksha | St George Girls High School | ATAR: 96.00
  • “The HSC in the Holidays program was exactly what I needed in the lead-up to final exams.  It provided me with a renewal of motivation as well as an invaluable overview of what I had studied over the course of the year.  It was so helpful to talk with the markers themselves about what they want to see and this definitely affected my final results!”
    Caitlin | Barker College | ATAR: 98.10
  • " I feel that the HSC in the Holidays was extremely helpful as it not only gave me extra tools to study more effectively in the periods before trials and the HSC, but it also motivated me to use these tools during the holidays. It was very helpful as it was able to show me which parts of each course I needed focus on and which parts of the syllabus I fully understood.  I feel that the program contribute significantly to my great ATAR result, as it also gave me a wider idea about the state wide competition.”
    Ben | Davidson High School | ATAR: 97.40
  • "My experience was amazing.  I had access to not only exceptional workshops with expert teachers but as well to highly-detailed and relevant study notes and materials.  I believe this program played a crucial role in my achievement.  I recommend to all HSC students!"
    Ashleigh | Mt St Benedict’s College | ATAR: 96.55