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Personalised, interactive workshops guaranteed to improve your HSC mark
As each HSC exam is worth 50% of your mark, no matter how strong your internal results are, what makes all the difference is your performance in October/November. The most effective way of preparing fully for the Final HSC exams is to sit with teachers who are the experts in their respective subject, have extensive HSC marking experience, sit on examination committees and are involved in the marking process. Comprised of Senior HSC teachers/markers, we are the only organisation that allows you access to these experts before the exams. Throughout the day, we will address important areas of the syllabus, have you practice a range of possible questions and show you where you need to improve. This will allow you to clarify and extend upon all course content so you can approach the exams fully prepared.
1 Workshop $ 190.00
2 Workshops $ 370.00 (save 3%)
3 Workshops $ 490.00 (save 16%)
4 Workshops $ 590.00 (save 29%)
5 Workshops $ 690.00 (save 38%)
6 Workshops $ 790.00 (save 44%)
* All prices inclusive of workshop materials and GST Dates: Monday 26th September – Friday 7th October (depending on the venue) Time: 9am – 5pm (breaks will occur throughout the day)
  • Sit for a full day with HSC experts to cover every aspect of the syllabus in the lead up to the final HSC exams
  • Practice possible HSC questions and receive personalised assistance and support
  • Learn vital tips and strategies to a range of probable HSC questions by teachers who have extensive experience in setting/marking HSC examinations
  • Comprehensive workbooks provided containing subject notes, practice questions and exemplar solutions/answers Unique and innovative program that is guaranteed to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence
These sessions have been proven to unlock the secrets of each HSC exam.
Our average improvement (Trial result to HSC result) after attending these sessions from previous students is 17%


1. Isn’t it too late to study for the final exams? No, not at all! In-fact, it has been proven that this is an optimal time for studying and finalising preparations for the exams. Students who use this time most effectively are consistently the ones that achieve Band 6’s in their final exams. Remember that 50% of your mark for the year comes directly from your result in this exam. 2. Can you explain what I will be doing throughout the day? There are some subtle differences within each subject, but each workshop will involve students
  • Revising and extending their knowledge of important aspects of the syllabus
  • Practising a range of possible HSC questions
  • Receiving personalised feedback on their responses and/or provided with detailed solutions (depending on the subject)
  • Having an opportunity to ask questions and clarify any areas that they are unsure of
  • Receiving valuable information on how to structure and approach each section of the exam.
3. What is the advantage of attending this day compared to studying at home/school/library? There’s nothing wrong with studying back at school or at the library. However, if you want to sit with someone who runs the HSC Marking process, has sat on examination committees and will be able to provide you with the answers to all of your questions, this is the place to be. We often hear comments about the benefits of receiving advice from a different perspective. Plus, you will be with like-minded students who are striving to achieve a similar result to you. 4. What if I am at the top of my class/bottom of my class? Will participation in this program help me? Because of our small class sizes, everyone who participates in this program will receive individual assistance. We have students attend who achieve perfect scores, and we also have students who are simply looking to move up into the next band. No matter your level of ability, we will help. 5. Do you have any evidence of the success of this program? Absolutely. You are most welcome to read student/parent feedback from any of our previous years programs. Just click here to be taken to these pages. 6. How do I know if my options will be covered? Because we run small class groups and ensure individual attention, we will cover all of your options on the day. Each of our presenters are Senior HSC Markers so they have seen and marked all of the required options. With some subjects such as English Paper 2 and Modern/Ancient History, we will ask you to bring your notes with you so that we can work through your essay structures. 7. Do you have sample workbook pages? Yes, just click on any of the subject headings on the left hand side of this page and you can download sample files and pages. 8. How large are the HSC Workshop classes? The average size of our 2012 workshops was 15. There are occasions where the class size will be larger than this, and plenty of workshops where the group will be smaller. However, we guarantee that 9. What if I don’t know anybody else? One of the genuine strengths of this program is the ability the presenters have of making everyone feel as comfortable and supported as possible. You will also get the chance to speak to and share ideas with like-minded students from other schools. If you check out the feedback, many comment on how powerful this is after attending our workshops! 10. Are there discounts for groups/schools? Yes there are. We always have groups of students attend as their class teacher has organised this. Just call 1300 677 336 to discuss further. 11. What would I need to bring with me? A comprehensive workbook is supplied to all workshops. However, we often find that it is a good idea to bring your notes with you and obviously required materials such as calculators, pens, etc. Additionally, all rooms are air-conditioned, so layers are a good idea. You are also welcome to bring as much food/drinks as you like, although almost all venues will have their student refectory open to purchase these.   What exactly do I get with each subject?
  • Over 7 hours of intensive review across core and option topics (we give you breaks throughout the day!)
  • Actual practice of a range of possible HSC questions with detailed feedback provided on your performance
  • A chance to ask question from teachers that are still actively involved in the HSC marking process,
  • Comprehensive workbooks with a range of tips and tricks, subject notes, practice questions and exemplar responses/solutions
  • A study environment that has been proven over the last 11 years to improve your result (instead of trying to study at home)
Who are the presenters and teachers? Each of our presenters are respective experts in their field: We come from the most successful schools and are all still currently teaching/marking exams.  Almost all of us currently sit on examination committees, have written the most popular textbooks and have post-tertiary qualifications. To work with us, each teacher has had to have a minimum of 15 years HSC teaching/marking experience and have demonstrated the ability to assist students in achieving Band 6 results.  Put simply, we are the most experienced, qualified and passionate teachers in NSW!  
  • Presenters divided in subject. they can be filtered by subject
  • Presenter have a sub heading
What will this cost? There is a progressive discount that is applied depending on how many subjects you choose to attend.  For example, if you choose to attend four subjects, the price per day will be $145/day.  This equates to just $20/hour which is an outstanding investment   It is important to note that our private tuition fees are $120/hour (based on our level of qualification & experience). This program really is an investment in ensuring that students achieve their best.  With competition growing each year for university places, we provide students with an unfair advantage in their knowledge, skills and confidence prior to the exams.   Is there a money back guarantee? We guarantee that you will love these workshops!  If for any reason you attend and you do not feel like you have received benefit, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to answer any concerns you may have. What if I am sick on the day? Our policy for refunds can be found by clicking here.  We will do everything we can to move your session/s over to a different date (where there is availability) so that you don’t miss out.  Alternatively, we can also provide comprehensive notes to all students who are unable to move their registration. We will do whatever we can to support you! Do you have any evidence of your success? Absolutely!  Every year, we survey students about both their experience with the course, the improvement that they received in raw marks and their final results.  We invite you to read these comments and results by clicking here.  

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