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Our presenters are the most qualified HSC teachers/markers in the State

Check out our qualifications and experience to see why our students are so successful!
B.Ed, M.Ed Assistant Principal - St Scholastica's, former Senior HSC Marker/Teacher/Author, Former PDHPE Curriculum Consultant

Adrian Eussen

Adrian has recently joined InspirED and has been teaching the Geography course for more than 25 years. He is a valued member of the Geography Teachers’ Association of NSW and has been marking the HSC examinations since 2010.

Adrian Harrison

B.Ed, M.Ed Head of HSIE – Hunter Valley Grammar School, Highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Amanda King

Amy is an English teacher at Hills Grammar after a stint as a former commercial lawyer. Amy was awarded the Dean’s Medal for Academic Excellence in her Masters of Teaching (Secondary) and is an experienced HSC teacher. She is the co-author of a number of English Advanced and Standard textbooks and began presenting with InspirED in 2015.

Amy Hughes

BSc PhD GradDipEd. Andrew has over 20 years experience as a Chemistry teacher and is currently the Science Coordinator at Wollondilly Anglican College, Tahmoor. He has been a writer for the Catholic Trial Chemistry paper.

Andrew Eaton

B.Ed Andrew is currently Head of English at Oakhill College. He has held Senior HSC Marker position s in all English Advanced modules and has spent almost 20 years as a marker. Andrew has been presenting with InspirED since 2014 and is acknowledged as an expert in his subject field.

Andrew Magee

B.Sci, Grad. Dip, M.Ed Former Head of Science, Senior Physics Teacher - St Josephs College Hunters Hill, Experienced HSC Teacher/Marker/Presenter

Andrew Millar

Sc, Dip. Ed, Grad Dip. M.Ed (completing) Andrew has over 25 year experience teaching Chemistry.  He has been an HSC marker for 15 years as well as 6 years as a senior HSC marker.  Andrew is also a member of the CSSA Chemistry Exam Committee. Andrew has been with InspirED since 2014.

Andrew Szabo

B.Ed, M.Ed Director of Studies – Senior Secondary Academy Knox Grammar, Senior HSC Teacher/Marker

Andrew Weeding

M.S., PhD Anne is a Senior Marker for the HSC Biology examination overseeing the Communication option with other Senior Makers. She is an experienced Senior Biology teacher of many years' standing and hastaught the syllabus across a number for schools. Anne is currently Head Teacher Administration at Turramurra High School - where she has taught since 2001. Anne is also actively involved in teacher education at all levels including supervising and lecturing at Macquarie University and, more recently, at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).  Anne has a Master of Contemporary Science (ANU) degree and a PhD (Curtin University) in Science Education Research.

Anne Galvin

BA (Hon), PhD Barbara has a Joint Honours undergraduate degree in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology from University College Dublin. I completed a PhD in molecular biology in the area of virology at the Institute of Virology and Environmental Microbiology in Oxford, through Oxford Brookes University. I worked in research in both Dublin and Sydney for ten years after completing my PhD. I continued to work in the area of Virology.   Barbara is a senior Biology Teacher at Willougbhy Girls High School.

Barbara Kelly

Brad Moar is a Senior English Teacher who has over 15 years’ experience of teaching English in Independent Schools. His teaching experience encompasses the Standard and Advanced Courses as well as Extension 1. Brad is a current HSC marker and has marked the English HSC for over 10 years, obtained the position as Senior Judge for 5 years, and was involved with the new standards setting procedures with NESA for the HSC. He has been an assessor for NESA for teachers seeking “proficiency”, a Trial HSC marker for various Independent Sydney schools and has been offered a position on the English HSC Examination Committee. Currently Brad is teaching both the Standard and Advanced English Courses and has had great success with students achieving Band 6 in both Courses and holds a senior position as a pastoral care advisor.

Brad Moar

B.A; M.Ed; Dip. Ed; MACE Former Supervisor of Marking, Member of the HSC Exam Committee, Author numerous HSC Texts, Recipient of Two Premiers Awards for History Education

Bruce Dennett

B.Ed Head of Science – Smiths Hill Selective High School, Experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Bruce Hayes

Carolyn has over 20 years of teaching experience, and is currently Head of Mathematics at Warners Bay High School. She has been presenting with InspirED since 2015

Carolyn Nolan

Cassandra has been teaching Science for almost a decade, and is currently the Head of Science at Kincoppal Rose Bay. She has been a Senior Marker for the HSC Examinations since 2015, and joined InspirED in 2015.

Cassandra Aitken

B.Ed Cassandra is the current Head Teacher of English at Barrenjoey High School on the Northern Beaches. She has taught Senior English for over 18 years, and is a Senior Marker in the Area of Study HSC Exam. Earlier in the career, she was awarded the Regional Director’s Teacher’s Award, and joined InspirED in 2010 to present to students.

Cassandra Kennedy

B.Ed Head of Mathematics, Highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Cassandra Portelli

B.Ed, M.Ed Head of Curriculum - Good Samaritan, Senior HSC Marker, BOS and CSSA HSC Examination Committee

Catherine Anderson

PhD Chris is currently a Senior Mathematics teacher at Caringbah High School, and has been teaching for more than 25 years. Chris holds multiple degrees, including two PhDs in Mathematics education.  Chris joined the HSC in the Holidays presenting team in 2017.

Chris Turner

B.Ed, M.Ed Senior HSC Teacher MSB Pennant Hills, Senior HSC Teacher/Marker/Presenter

Danielle Simpson

B.Ed With over 20 years of teaching experience, Darren is a highly qualified HSC Mathematics Teacher and Marker. He is a Senior School tutor at Barker College, and has been teaching with HSC in the Holidays since 2013.

Darren Peatie

B.Ed Highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker, Senior School tutor – Barker College

Darren Peattie

B.Ed, M.Ed Head of Mathematics, Senior HSC Teacher/Marker

David Mason

B.Ed Head Teacher/Teaching and Learning, published author and highly experienced Senior HSC Teacher/Marker

David Meredith

David is a Senior History teacher at Good Samaritan Catholic College in Hinchinbrook, NSW with almost 20 years of teaching experience. In 2005, he began marking for the HSC, and started presenting with InspirED in 2015.

David Teuma

B.Ed, M.Ed Head of Mathematics – Smiths Hill Selective High School, Experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Dean Jones

Elise is a Senior Biology Teacher at Smiths Hill Selective High.  She is acknowledged as an outstanding teacher and has won numerous awards. She began presenting with InspirED in 2017.

Elise Silbeck

Elizabeth is Deputy Principal at Warners Bay High School. She has had multiple years experience as a HSC Maker and has been presenting with InspirED since 2015.

Elizabeth Guider

B.Ed, M.Ed Elizabeth Webster is currently the Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning at Brigidine College, St. Ives. She has in excess of twenty years teaching and marking HSC  1 and 2 Unit Studies of Religion. In 2004, her student was ranked 1st in the state for 1 Unit Studies of Religion and in 2014, another student was ranked 4th in the state for 2 Unit Studies of Religion. Throughout her career, she has been instrumental in the implementation of effective learning and assessment frameworks that use data, benchmarks and observation thus monitoring the progress of all students. In addition, she is committed to providing opportunities to develop all students’ potential. Her academic qualifications include a Diploma in Theology from  London University, and two Master Degrees (in Arts and Educational Leadership), as well as an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education/Humanities from Sydney University.

Elizabeth Webster

B.Ed Garry has almost 20 years’ teaching experience, with 15 of these teaching the HSC English course. He is a valued Senior Lecturer and Presenter for a number of associations, and is currently the Head Teacher of English and Professional Education at Illawarra Christian School. Garry has been presenting with InspirED since 2014.

Gary Hol

Graeme Dunn is a Physics teacher with over 25 years of experience, who has worked as an HSC marker, judge, senior judge and senior marker. This experience has provided him with extensive insights into the common errors, omissions and misconceptions that prevent many students from attaining all the marks of which they are capable in HSC Physics examinations. He has developed study resources and delivered revision lectures and workshops for multiple providers over many years, and he has also been involved in the production of commercial HSC trial examination papers. A skilled and engaging communicator with a deep subject knowledge, Graeme’s lectures and workshops are valued highly by all participants.

Graeme Dunn

B.Ed, M.Ed Curriculum Co-ordinator at Marist Sisters College Woolwich, Senior HSC Marker 15 years

Greg Zerurian

B.Ed, M.Ed Former Head of English, Senior HSC Marker, Author and Executive Committee ETA

Jane Sherlock

B.Ed, M.Ed Head of English – Asquith Boys High School, highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Jessica Schladel

B.Ed, M.Ed Deputy Principal, Senior HSC Teacher/Marker

Joanne Leighton

Experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Joe Russo

B.Ed, M.Ed HSIE Co-ordinator – St John Bosco College, experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Karen Perrett

B.Ed, M.Ed Senior HSC Teacher/Marker, Author Nelson CAFS Textbooks

Kate Rayner

B.Ed, M.Ed Senior HSC Teacher/Marker, Author Nelson CAFS Textbooks

Kelly Bell

B.Ed Member – Independent Schools Examination Committee, Published Author, Highly Experienced History Teacher, 2012 Award National Excellence in Teaching, Professional Development Facilitator for History Teachers

Ken Webb

B.Ed, M.Ed Head of Science - St Patrick's College, Senior HSC Marker and Presenter

Kevin Quigley

B.Ed, M.Ed Head of History - Canley Vale High School, Senior HSC Marker/Teacher/Presenter

Kyriacos Georgiou

B.Ed Highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Lainie Kalnis

B.Ed, M.Ed Former Head of HSIE Barker College, Senior HSC Marker, HSC Author and Presenter

Len Nixon

Lisa is currently Leader of Learning at Santa Sophia Catholic College. She has multiple years of HSC marking experience and began working with InspirED in 2017.

Lisa Kalosci

B.Ed, M.Ed Director of Personnel – St Joseph’s College, highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker, published author and experienced presenter

Magdy Habib

B.Science Highly experienced Senior HSC Teacher/Marker, Head of Science

Margaret Robson

Year 12 Co-ordinator - Marist College Kogarah, Senior HSC Marker/Presenter

Mark Hildebrandt

Mark is a Senior History teacher and Year 12 Co-ordinator at Marist College Kogarah, and has been teaching for over 20 years. In 2014, Mark joined the InspirED team and continues to mark for the HSC History committee.

Mark Hilderbrandt

Matthew is a Senior Physics teacher at St Ignatius College Riverview. He has had multiple years of HSC Marking experience and began working with InspirED in 2017.

Matthew Bentley

PhD (Mathematics Education) Macquarie University, Director of the Teacher Education program, School of Education, 2007 Macquarie University Vice Chancellor's Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, 2008 Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

Michael Cavanagh

B.Ed, M.Ed Studies of Religion Consultant - Inner West, Former REC Trinity College, Senior HSC Marker/Presenter/Teacher

Michael Reid

B.Ed, M.Ed Head of PDHPE, highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker,  published author, 2012 Recipient Outstanding Professional Service Award

Michelle Maher

B. Ed, M.Ed Michelle has a Bachelor of Art Education and a Masters in Applied History and currently works at St Joseph’s College in Hunters Hill. She has been teaching the HSC Visual Arts course for more than 30 years and is a highly experienced teacher and presenter. Michelle is a published author and has been presenting with InspirED since 2015.

Michelle Markhuse

B.SC, B.Economics, Grad. Dip. Education Neil has degrees in (Science) Psychology and Economics, a Diploma of Education and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. He is currently Head Teacher Humanities and Big Picture (Interest Based Learning) at Five Islands Secondary College and works as a Masters of Education  Methods lecturer for Wollongong University. Neil has extensive experience as a HSC marker in Legal Studies, Business Studies and Society and Culture. He was a member of the Legal Studies syllabus writing team, runs HSC student lectures and has authored to Preliminary and HSC texts. Neil has delivered Teacher Training courses in Humanities since 2018.  He remains a passionate educator.

Neil Kusi-Appauh

Nicole is currently the Head Teacher Religion at Parramatta Marist High School and is an experienced HSC SOR marker since 2005 . Nicole joined InspirED to present to students in 2016.

Nicole Denniss

With almost 20 years’ teaching experience across the Independent, Catholic and Government sectors, Nikki is currently a highly qualified Head Teacher of Science at Kambala. In 2016, she was awarded the Premier's Award for Innovation in Science & Maths Teaching for her work in leading a number of STEM initiatives at Kambala, and in 2017 she was nominated for the Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching. Nikki joined HSC in the Holidays in 2017.

Nikki Zimmerman

B.Science, Dip. Education, M.Ed Former HSC Supervisor of Marking, HSC Examination committee, highly experienced HSC Teacher at Kambala, Fort Street High School, etc.

Patricia Stockbridge

B.Ed, M.Ed Head of PDHPE – Broughton Anglican College, highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Paul Burns

Paul has almost 25 years of teaching experience behind him, and is the current Head of Science at Macarthur Anglican School in NSW. He is extensively involved in the HSC Physics program, and is a lecturer for the popular YouTube channel, ‘High School Physics Explained’. Paul joined InspirED in 2017 to present and tutor students.

Paul Looyen

B.Ed, M.Ed (Economics) Head Teacher/Teaching and Learning Castle Hill High School, published author and highly experienced Senior HSC Teacher/Marker

Peter Kennedy

B.Ed Highly experienced HSC Marker

Rebecca Kelly

B.Business, Dip. Ed Highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker, author published textbooks, Chair - CSSA Business Studies Examination Committee

Rosalinda Gallina

Sarah is an English Head Teacher at the Forest High School. She is a published author of a number of articles and textbooks, and has been teaching for over 15 years. Sarah joined InspirED in 2018 to present and tutor at lectures and workshops.

Sarah Peachman

Sera is currently Head of Science at St Catherine’s Waverly. She has taught HSC Biology for over 15 years and is a highly experienced teacher and presenter.

Sera Hurley

B.Ed, M.Ed, COGE Shane has been teaching the PDHPE course for over 22 years, including 15 of these as Head Teacher at a number of schools. He also spent 12 years as a HSC Marker, culminating in his appointment as the Coordinating Senior Marker for Sports Medicine. Shane has been presenting with InspirED since 2004.

Shane Hardcastle

B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD (Physics) Highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker, published author and Head Teacher

Stephen Fogwill

Suzanne has more than 20 years of teaching experience, and is the current Head Teacher of Mathematics at Chifley College. She has presented a number of lectures for MANSW and joined the InspirED team in 2018.

Suzanne Berry

B.Ed, M.Ed Head of PDHPE – William Clarke College, highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Tim Manuel

M.Ed, B.Ed Tracey is Principal at Kurri Kurri High School. She has had over 25 years experience as a Senior English teacher, including multiple years as a HSC marker.  Tracey has been presenting with InspirED since 2012.

Tracey Breese

B.Ed, M.H.Sc Vanessa has been teaching PDHPE for 20 years and was a PDHPE Coordinator for 10 years.   She has been a Senior Marker for CAFS for 8 years and prior to that, a marker for 5 years. Vanessa has also been part of the HSC Trial Catholic Trial paper for 6 years.  She has been teaching CAFS since 2002 and has also lead simulated marking sessions for teachers in CAFS for Sydney Catholic Schools and Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation.  Vanessa joined InspirED in 2017 and is a valuable member of the teaching team.

Vanessa Peterson

B.Ed Previous Head of Mathematics, highly experienced HSC Teacher/Marker

Warren Black

B. Ed Yang is a senior English teacher at Moriah College with more than ten years of teaching experience and six years of HSC marking experience. Most recently in 2018, she marked Extension 1 English and she has previously marked Advanced and Standard modules. Moriah came 3rd in the state for English in 2017 and 9th in the state in 2018. Previously, she has been an Assistant Head of English, and currently she is the Literacy and Digital Coordinator.

Yang Weinberger

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