Supporting HSC students in and out of the classroom

  • Proven to improve student results
    Created by senior teachers and HSC exam markers using developed and trusted teaching methods.
  • Increase knowledge
    Allow students to access exemplar study notes, videos and responses across all subjects.
  • Personalised learning experience
    HSC4Me’s intuitive features will increase your marks – no matter what level you are currently at.
  • Develop exam skills
    Attempt thousands of HSC questions and receive instant feedback to guide your exam preparation.
  • Decrease exam stress
    Allow students to gain skills, knowledge and confidence in answering HSC questions.
  • Beyond the classroom
    Allow students to learn anywhere, anytime

Interactive quizzes and practice papers

Practice hundreds of HSC Multiple choice and short answer tests, all written by expert HSC teachers/markers. Receive instant feedback on the multiple choice questions you attempt.

Subject notes & Videos on all topics

Exclusive subject notes covering every syllabus point. Short, powerful videos also help with understanding key syllabus areas.

Webinars and live classrooms with HSC Experts

Engage with our expert HSC teachers no matter where you are. Our webinars also give you the chance to have all of your questions answered.

Worked solutions and exemplar essays across all subjects

Gain an insight into how to construct a Band 6 essay/extended response. View and see annotations from HSC Markers on the depth and structure required for success

Pricing for Schools

  • Individual Subjects$3 per student per month (normally $3.95)
  • All subjects$9 per student per month (normally $14.95)


  • "I really loved having the resources and study notes available - at the start of the course they were so useful when I needed to get a better understanding of the material, then later on they were able to help me work out how to cut down copious notes! The resources were definitely something I'd recommend and they were very useful for studying."
  • "I just wanted to give you some feedback about the HSC coaching in the Holidays. My daughter, Sheridan, attended 4 sessions and found them enjoyable and helpful (rare for her to praise anything like that, usually she would say things were a waste of time). When it came time for her exams she said that she used information and techniques taught and found them very useful.She did not score at all well in her trials and school assessments so went into the HSC exams with nothing at all to fall back on, so was not hopeful of a good result or getting into the university course that she wanted. But she obtained 5 x band 5 and 1 x band 4 and a UAI of 81.35 !!! Well above the UAI that she required. Naturally she (and we) are absolutely stoked and proud. Sheridan put in a huge effort preparing for the HSC exam, but we are in no doubt that the coaching sessions went a long way in assisting her. I would have no hesitation in recommending your college". Thanks again Anne Apter.
    Anne Apter
  • "My experience was amazing.  I had access to not only exceptional workshops with expert teachers but as well to highly-detailed and relevant study notes and materials.  I believe this program played a crucial role in my achievement.  I recommend to all HSC students!"
    Ashleigh | Mt St Benedict’s College | ATAR: 96.55
  • " I feel that the HSC in the Holidays was extremely helpful as it not only gave me extra tools to study more effectively in the periods before trials and the HSC, but it also motivated me to use these tools during the holidays. It was very helpful as it was able to show me which parts of each course I needed focus on and which parts of the syllabus I fully understood.  I feel that the program contribute significantly to my great ATAR result, as it also gave me a wider idea about the state wide competition.”
    Ben | Davidson High School | ATAR: 97.40
  • I found having a senior HSC marker to run the lecture was a massive help.  He knew the areas to focus on in the course and pointed out the things students normally find difficult or get marked wrong - making us aware and preventing us from doing the same thing.  He was also able to give us hints as to how to maximise our marks.  On the day the lecturer went through difficult past HSC questions, focussing on longer response questions (6-8 marks) and explained how we can access all these marks in our answers. I found many of the questions we looked at I couldn’t originally complete or interpret on my own.  However, after the lecture, I was much more confident with attempting these difficult questions as I had a new structure to follow.   I also loved how the day didn’t focus on refreshing ourselves on theory (which we could do at home) but rather on explaining the harder concepts that we were struggling with and adapting/learning how to explain these in our answers to achieve maximum marks.   A good chemistry mark is crucial to a good ATAR and hence this day hugely aided to my successful outcome with the HSC.”
    Breanna| Danebank Anglican School For Girls | ATAR: 97.95
  • “The HSC in the Holidays program was exactly what I needed in the lead-up to final exams.  It provided me with a renewal of motivation as well as an invaluable overview of what I had studied over the course of the year.  It was so helpful to talk with the markers themselves about what they want to see and this definitely affected my final results!”
    Caitlin | Barker College | ATAR: 98.10
  • " I found it extremely useful as it ensured that I was not only on the right track in terms of preparing for the HSC but also gave me inside tips from an experienced HSC marker who clearly explained the difference expectations from markers for each category of the exam and also provided feedback on some work I wrote during the lesson itself.   I found that my marks significantly improved between my trials and the actual HSC because of this.”
    Deeksha | St George Girls High School | ATAR: 96.00
  • "The 'HSC in the Holidays' program equipped me with the resources and a greater understanding of HSC course content, enabling me to excel in my studies.  This program is not one to miss!”
    Emily | ATAR: 93.15
  • "I found HSC in the Holidays to be incredibly helpful in boosting my potential throughout the HSC. They assisted in clarifying information which I may have been unsure of and provided additional material to set me apart in my exams, ultimately improving my marks and ability to express myself in the HSC!  I would highly recommend this program to all HSC students looking to achieve their full potential or looking for some extra clarification before their exams."
    Harriet | Mt St Benedict’s College | ATAR: 88.85
  • " I found that participating in the lectures and workshop gave me access to well-presented tips and information that aided my studies, and provided a suitably interactive environment.  I believe that the experienced advice presented made a positive impact on my mark.”
    James | Newington College | ATAR: 94.15
  • "HSC in the Holidays provides free HSC resources that are very helpful for studying. Their notes are in-depth and reliable as they have been cross-referenced by professional teachers. I could not have done as well if I did not have access to these resources.  Every single syllabus dot-point is covered, providing useful insight for each topic.  Furthermore, their lectures are presented by qualified teachers/ lecturers so you know it'll be worth it.  I'm glad my friend recommended me because it was a great help during the HSC.”
    Jennifer | Fairvale High School | ATAR: 90.80

Since 2005, we have helped over 15,867 students from over 350 schools improve their marks to achieve their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What equipment/software do I need to participate?

    There is no special software or equipment required to participate in our online tutoring sessions. All you will need is a laptop/computer with a camera and internet access.  Prior to your first session, we will prompt you to download the free zoom player as all sessions are interactive an in real time.

  • How much does each session cost?

    The price for each interactive tutoring session is just $40

  • How long does each session run for?

    We start at 7:30pm and will be finished by 9pm (1.5 hours). Video recordings will be available for 5 days following each session.

  • What does a normal session look like?

    While each subject has slight differences, a normal 1.5 hour tutoring session looks like this:

    7:30pm-8pm: Students submitting individual questions/answers and covering the answer/explanation from the previous fortnight’s session

    8pm-8:45pm: Covering a key part of the syllabus – Teachers sharing screens/presentations, etc.

    8:45pm-9pm: Questions on the content presented and sharing a new task/activity for the next fortnight

  • How can I receive personalised assistance?

    As these are live sessions, you can ask questions in the following ways:

    1. Putting up your (virtual) hand and asking via your audio/video
    2. Submitting your question via our Q&A feature
    3. Through the chat function
  • Will I receive notes/resources as part of this program?

    Yes, absolutely! You will be given access to exclusive content and resources: all written by our Senior Markers.

  • How will you account for the different texts studied by students?

    At the marking centre, we have to mark across multiple texts, so we know all of these very well.

    Whilst we will be teaching subject content, much of what we will do is to provide explicit skills in using the information taught to respond to questions and gain insight into how to construct responses.

  • What are the main goals of this program?

    This program has been created to achieve the following aims:

    • Support individual student needs
    • Extend and enrich knowledge and understanding
    • Allow students to receive feedback on their work

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