Study Techniques for Different Learning Styles

Study Techniques for Different Learning Styles

Learning effectively is one of the essential skills you’ll need for the HSC. There’s so much content and so little time and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything you need to learn. And not everyone studies the same, some people learn best through recording their notes out loud, some people through drawing mind maps and some through plain old subject outlines. That’s why researchers have split learners into three main categories; auditory, visual and kinaesthetic.

Auditory learners make up about 34% of the population and are those who study best through the use of sound and listening. To effectively and efficiently learn as an auditory learner, you can

  • Record notes and listen to them (a great thing to do on the way to or back from school)
  • Repeat material out loud and changing them into your own words
  • Discuss materials with your friends
  • Reading textbooks aloud
  • Record your teacher in class (ask for permission first!)

Visual learners are those who retain information best through the use of imagery. Concepts, data and information are best learnt when associated with images and techniques. Studying techniques which visual learners can implement include

  • Colour coordination of notes
  • Mind maps
  • Flash cards
  • Learning the “big picture” first before focusing on the details

Kinaesthetic learners study best when they are carrying out physical activities, rather than just listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. They’re best suited to hands on activities and make up about 37% of the population. Some things kinaesthetic learners can do to effectively utilise their study time include

  • Working while studying
  • Learning new material white doing something active (like reading your textbook whilst on a treadmill – we’ve all seen Legally Blonde!)
  • Integrating demonstrations and fieldwork into study
  • Chewing gum whilst studying

In our programs, we make sure that all learning styles are catered for (and enhanced!).

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