How to use your Half-Yearly Results to improve!

How to use your Half-Yearly Results to improve!

Now that the Half-Yearly Exams are done and dusted, you should now have received all of your papers back with feedback from your teachers


Ask for (more) feedback

As teachers, we want to help you!  Many students don’t feel comfortable in asking for additional feedback on assessment tasks.

We strongly encourage you to seek further clarification on where your ‘gaps’ in either content or exam skills may be so that you can work on these.

A great way to frame this question to your teachers is to say “I’m really looking to improve. Is/are there any areas that I will need to focus on in the future?”

Keeping things in perspective

While every assessment task is important, in the bigger scheme of things, this result will only have a relatively minor impact on your final result.

Consider this: most half-yearly exams contribute to around 20% of your internal assessment mark.  Because your internal assessment mark is only worth 50% or less of your final mark after moderation, it’s therefore only worth 10% of your final mark for that subject.

There are bigger tasks and exams to come this year!

Growth Mindset

Half-Yearly exams are a snapshot of where you are currently at after completing around half of your course content.

It’s vital for you to maintain a growth mindset this year as you still have around 70-80% of your assessment to go!

From experience, those students who achieve their very best in the HSC use these exams as a springboard to the next 6 months (and that is all you have left after nearly 13 years!).

Use this as a motivation to achieve more in the next round of tasks/exams and you will be successful!

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