HSC Parents in the Pre-Trials period

So, your child is in the middle of their HSC year… It’s coming up to Trials now and they’re probably...

So, your child is in the middle of their HSC year… It’s coming up to Trials now and they’re probably starting to feel the heat! They know that Trials are a chance to put their knowledge to the test without the full force of finality behind it. Perhaps they are stressed and spending all their time in their room. Perhaps they’re not doing any study at all. Maybe they are in between the two extremes…


But how do you help them?


Watching your child go through their HSC is undoubtedly a difficult time. They are undergoing some major life stages whilst also going through some of the toughest set of exams in their lives. Whilst the HSC is by no means the be-all and end-all, it gives students the opportunity to collate all their knowledge from high school and finish it off before commencing their tertiary studies or career.


You want to help them, for sure. But most of the time parents don’t have that intricate understanding of what their child is going through, so it’s often best to just show your support and encouragement without getting too overbearing! Helping your child maintain a balance between their study and social life is important, too – they need time off (just like anyone!) and setting aside time for a family dinner is essential for helping everyone feel on top of things.


More often than not, your child will have days off between Trial exams. Encourage them to use these days wisely – set a good study schedule for the two weeks of Trials, and make sure they are still getting plenty of fresh air and physical exercise. Let them also engage in some social activity – chatting to and seeing their friends is important for your child to remain sane! They can sometimes get so wrapped up in their own study life that they forget they are not alone.


Most of all, keep them grounded. Trials are a difficult time as many students will also have Major Works due in the immediate weeks afterwards. They will be stressed and tired and will need reassurance that it’s all worth it. Which it will be, in the end!