HSC Guide: How to Make the Most of Summer

School is finished for the year – congrats! Making it to the end of your first term of the HSC...

School is finished for the year – congrats! Making it to the end of your first term of the HSC is a huge deal. You’re one quarter of the way through your Year 12 content and your class is now ready to be top dogs of the school.

But for now, its holidays. Woohoo!

This break is for sure well needed, but it can also be quite stressful – the whole time you want to relax, but study is always pressing at the back of your mind.

We’ve put together our guide on how to make the most of it – how to be prepared for the big year ahead but also how to get the R&R you deserve. Check it out!

1. Switch Off

Step one: switch off. If you constantly have your study on your mind, you’re never going to have a break from it. Tell yourself that you are not going to study till a certain (reasonably timed) date, and then avoid it guilt-free. Enjoy the summer! Being with friends, family and doing fun things is important for your mind to recharge!

2. Switch Back On

After you’ve had a mental break, it’s time to switch back on. Make sure you don’t relax for too long, as if you don’t give yourself enough time to prepare for next year then you’ll make yourself unnecessarily stressed.

To get your head back into gear, try reading through the subject outlines you’ll be learning next term, or read back through the content and your revision for last term.

3. Organise

Now that you’re back in the game, sort yourself out for the year. Now might be the only time you have spare time for quite a while, so make the most of it.

Put all of your commitments and due dates on to a calendar, get on top of work towards deadlines that are early on once school goes back, and try to make the most of any resources your teachers have sent you for the break. Now is the perfect time to get your English texts read and out of the way!

4. Summarise

Here’s where top performing students really shine – summaries. If you get on top of your summaries for your term one content while it’s still fresh in your mind, in six months time you’ll be thanking yourself.

Put your knowledge straight into syllabus dot-points, and if you’ve got the time for it, try applying your knowledge to exam-style questions.

5. Get Ahead

If you really want to ace Year 12, then get ahead of the rest of your cohort by coming to our January Kickstart Lectures. The sessions will be held at UTS and Macquarie University from January 21-23, and are run by senior HSC markers. They give you unparalleled insight into how the HSC works, and proven tips and strategies for success in each subject. Find out more or register your spot here.

Of course, there is always study notes, videos and thousands of practice questions on our HSC4Me app too!

There you have it! Our tips on how to make the most of summer.

Happy studying!