Why our sessions are so successful

  • Hear from the best of the best

    Learn tips and strategies from expert HSC markers.
  • Improve exam confidence

    Practice possible questions and receive exemplar responses.
  • Access quality resources

    Improve your knowledge and understanding of key syllabus content.

Choose from over 20 HSC subjects

October Focused Workshops Timetable

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are these online sessions being held?

    Due to COVID-19 we are delivering this experience as a LIVESTREAM  interactive webinar through 2020. If restrictions lift, we may revert to a LIVE venue and you will be notified in plenty of time to choose your location and attendance.

    The sessions will begin on Monday 6th July and run to Friday 17th July.

  • Which subjects are available

    All of the major subjects! Please see below a list for each Key Learning Area (KLA):

    English – Advanced and Standard

    Mathematics – Standard 2, Mathematics, Extension 1 & Extension 2

    Science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics

    HSIE – Ancient History, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Legal Studies & Modern History


    Studies of Religion – 1 & 2 unit

    Visual Arts

    Society & Culture

  • What is the format of these sessions?
    1. Register for the lectures you would like to attend. 
    2. We will send you a series of sample questions for you to complete and a feedback form where you can send through your questions before the lecture
    3. Attend the lecture and hear from our experts. You will have the chance to view, practice and receive full mark responses/solutions on the day.
  • What is the duration of each session?

    Each session will be delivered in the following schedule (assuming 2 sessions per day)

    10:00am Session/Module 1
    11:00am Q&A
    11:15am Break
    11:30am Session/Module 2
    12:30pm Q&A
    12:45pm Break
    1:30pm Session/Module 3
    2:30pm Q&A
    2:45pm Break
    3pm Session/Module 4
    4pm Q&A
    4:15pm Finish
  • What is covered in the lectures?

    Our July Trial Preparation Lectures prepare students for the most commonly asked question types in trials/HSC exams.  You will practice possible questions and receive exemplary responses/solutions across a range of exam questions to help you out.

  • Will you be addressing all new syllabus components?

    The presenters will cover all content specific to each subject’s current (2020) syllabus. If the new syllabus components are relevant to potential examination questions, they will be covered.

  • Who are the Teachers?

    Our HSC teachers are the most qualified, experienced and passionate in NSW. With multiple years of leading HSC marking, sitting on exam committees and writing the leading textbooks, they are the experts in their respective subjects.

  • Will we receive notes and materials?

    Your access to each lecture includes a comprehensive work booklet for the day, containing questions, summaries, notes and exemplar answers including and beyond those that your presenter will cover on the day. 


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