Mathematics is often viewed as one of the most difficult fields of study that one can undertake during the HSC, but it can also be one of the easiest to improve on! Studying mathematics often boils down to repetition and practice to hone those number crunching skills and improve your marks.

The cornerstone of maths study is also the most well-known – past papers! However, the conditions you attempt them under have a significant impact on how much you can get out a session of revision. Make sure to only attempt a past paper after thoroughly learning the content that it contains, and time yourself to get yourself used to exam conditions.

A major, yet overlooked tip for succeeding in maths is to pay attention to your handwriting! Sloppy writing and disorganised working out exponentially increases the chances of a silly mistake leading you to lose otherwise easy marks.

If you’re making loads of mistakes and losing marks on your past papers, don’t fret! Maths is a subject where improvements are made easy if you go over what went wrong and revise each element of mistake thoroughly. A good idea would be to highlight specific areas of past papers where you made mistakes, find the specific textbook chapters they correlate with and thoroughly go over the content to patch up any gaps in your understanding.

Finally, another method of improving your understanding and results is to actively study and understand content ahead of your school schedule. It might seem like a chore to read your maths textbook over the holidays, but the payoff might be worth it! This way, you spend less time learning new content and more time consolidating and solidifying knowledge you already have, leading to improved performance and results.

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