For many students, creative writing can be the most daunting and difficult element of an English exam. A large number of students are apprehensive of the task due to its perceived demand for an innate skill that only occurs in a few people; that is, the ability to compose a narrative.

However, this notion is mistaken as HSC markers do not expect you to write a prize-winning piece of fiction in the space of forty minutes! Creative writing in the HSC hinges on your ability to create a story that is engaging to read, flows well and utilizes sophisticated language techniques. The deciding factor in many creative writing scenarios that differentiate between a normal essay and a Band 6 essay is the number of sources that a piece of writing takes inspiration from. This does not mean simply plagiarizing the plot of another work of fiction and rewording it to suit your stimulus. Instead, the best preparation for creative writing is to study a wide variety of materials to gain knowledge of plot structures, narrative devices and general techniques that are used to maintain the reader’s attention. Furthermore, putting in time into researching aspects such as the context and sociopolitical climate in which you want your story to be held will help you in creating a setting that is detailed and organic within your writing. Be sure to avoid cliches – they are arguably a HSC marker’s pet peeve. A creative writing’s ending is arguably the most impactful element, so make sure your story concludes in such a way that it will leave a lasting impression on the reader; a impactful story means more marks!

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